06 July, 2008


Was schedule for 8 miles yesterday. Got to about 6 and started having some pain in my right piriformis - kept going, but it started affecting my gait, so I dropped it down to a walk, and stopped at 6.5 miles.

Today, I'm scheduled for 3, so will add the 1.5 left over from yesterday, and do 4.5 miles.

I'm off to Kansas City for a work conference tomorrow a.m., travelling home on Thursday. Will get my runs in at the hotel fitness center.


Alex Gonzalez said...

Never had pain there myself (I think) but there's
nothing wrong with a walk, especially if to avoid an injury.

I did find a website that talks to it, and has some potentially good advice (as well as stretching exercises) for your piriformis.

Hope you and your pirogis (just could not help myself) are feeling a lot better tomorrow!!

Gettin Older said...

Liz, don't push too hard, and make sure you do your stretches. I can suggest/point you to some good ones. Be careful and enjoy your trip

Bert said...

I hope you recover quickly; and I agree with Alex about walking being a good component of an injury rehab program.

Be safe - good running!