17 July, 2008

So, my goal this fall is to go sub-5:00 in my marathon. I just can't run another slow race. Anyways, with that in mind, I just plugged my half-marathon PR into the MacMillan Running Calculator, and that 2:28:53 half indicates a 5:14 full marathon.

Good grief.

So, extrapolating backwards, I plugged half times into the calculator until it gave me a sub-5:00 marathon. You know what I need? A half run in 2:20 (10:46/mile pace).

That means almost 9 minutes off my half PR, and a 10:46 pace which I've never even run in a 5k, so heaven knows how I can run that for a half-marathon.

Deep breath...

Unrelated topic - I finally found a use for the 2 pair of Asics running shoes that I can't run in. My local running specialty store collects sneaks for "Soles for Souls," a non-profit that sends running shoes to Africa for those who can't afford them. I'm glad they'll get a good home. And lesson learned that Asics just aren't my brand. I'll stick with my Sauconys going forward.

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Gettin Older said...

You can do it. Good Luck