16 July, 2008

back at it...


After last week's trip to KC, and then to Boston on the weekend, I was happy to be back home on Sunday night and sleep in my own bed. Last night I ended up dog-sitting for my sister while she's travelling for business, so I stayed at her house last night, but didn't get my run in.

So, I'm shifting my schedule this week a day forward. So tonight is 4 miles, tomorrow is 6 miles, 4 on Friday, SRD on Saturday, then 10 on Sunday.

Well, actually, I have an 8-mile RACE on Sunday, so will tack on an extra 2 miles after the finish. I'm starting the race w/ my sister (different one than the traveller), but she's not trained up for that distance, so she's planning to walk part of it. I think that might give me some time at the finish waiting for her, so I'll just keep running.

I'll probably also break out my new Garmin 405 for the event! :-) I haven't even charged the battery yet and have no idea how to work it. I'm on the verge of buying a new computer soon, though, so just need to see that I don't have any software that needs to be loaded onto my computer. If there is, then I'll have to wait to use it until the new computer arrives.

anyways, now I'm rambling so will stop now.

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