03 September, 2007

18 in the bank

Well, my 18 is done but it was awful. I didn't get started until about 10:15 - sun high in the sky, no clouds at all, and no shade to be found. Add to that my allergies to the freakin' ragweed, and it was tough. Don't know the starting temp, but it was 82 when I got home.

Ran the first 5 miles out to my sister's house - slight incline w/ 3 large hills. Stopped at Sissie's house, filled my water bottle, had half a banana and then she joined me for the next 6 miles - slight rolling hills for that stretch, no shade at all. Dropped my sister off, refilled water, 2nd half of banana, then started back towards my house. By about mile 14.5, I was toast - was roasting and was having a hard time breathing due to allergies - and dropped it to a power walk for the last 3.5 miles. Certainly had plenty of time on my feet moving forward, but this doesn't give me a lot of confidence for race day.

Learned a huge lesson today - get out for the long run EARLIER in the day when there's still some shade. and of course, remember to take the allergy medicine. duh, Liz.

Oh, and got my first blister since January. A blood blister under a callous. ick.

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