02 September, 2007

good grief!

Considering I'm just 5 weeks away from my marathon, one would think I might actually be running a decent amount these days. But I ran just once so far this training week, a 6-mile tempo run.

Between the ragweed allergies, and a boat-load of visiting family, I just didn't get it done. No excuses, I just didn't put it at the top of my priority list.

I'm doing my long run tomorrow, an 18-miler, and if nothing else, I'll have very fresh legs for it.

Two options:
1.) Treadmill - depending on the allergy situation tomorrow when I wake up.
2.) My sister will drop me off 18 miles south of my house (she'll be driving back to PA), and I'll run home.

The plan for 2008 - I'm back to my hometown NYC Marathon - with it in November rather than Chicago's October, less of my training is during ragweed season.

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