31 August, 2007

catholic guilt

I have to admit, I didn't run last night.

You just try to resist my 5'0" Italian mother giving you a load of Catholic guilt... "Aunt Jo's here, Uncle Frank's here, Uncle Dom's here, cousin George is here, etc. etc. etc." It's not possible.

However, I laid down the law that I'm running tonight (6 miles tempo) before heading over for another get together. Post-dinner will involve playing serious cut-throat Pinochle with my uncles, though, so should be fun!

6 tonight, 6 tomorrow, SRD on Sunday, long run (18 miles) on Monday. Total miles for a peak week during my marathon season = 30? Yeah, that's not great... Missing the mid-week runs is a bad idea.

1 comment:

Tom said...

Catholics (me too) invented guilt and then older Catholics keep handing it down to next generations. lol.

Your 6 tempo will give your training a boost. Enjoy your day of rest and 18 miler on Monday.

Just five weeks to go...hang in there.