28 August, 2007

I did 14 on the treadmill after work today, 2:46:40. I've been trying to follow my plan with the long SLOW distance, but I'm getting worried that I won't be able to pick up the pace on race day. Did the last 2.5 miles about 30 seconds/mile faster than the first 11.5. This 14 was harder BY FAR than my 16 from last weekend. I'm guessing it's the allergies and allergy medicine that made me sluggish?

Went over to my Mom's for dinner post-run, and had pasta e fagiole. My aunt is up visiting, and one of my uncles gets here on Thursday, so we'll be having the whole italian feast on Friday: baked rigatoni, stuffed artichokes, rice croquettes, antipasto, broccoli rabe, tomato salad, hot peppers, etc. Yummy, and I'll count it as carbo-loading for my next long run. :-)

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