06 August, 2007

it's always something!

I'm home from my run. I was schedule for 6 tempo at 10:28 miles, I ended up doing 5 miles. Felt a little tightness at top inside of my left thigh for most of the run, and at 4.75 miles, it was suddenly painful enough to alter my gait, so I finished it up at 5 miles.

Guess I'll play tomorrow by ear. Won't panic right away like I did for my 1 week ITBS flare-up that disappeared as quickly as it arrived.


Tom said...

Hope that soreness didn't amount to anything. I'll be interested in your comparison of NYC and Chicago. I've run NYC once and Chicago many times. I'm biased and believe Chicago is fabulous. Hope your training continues to go well, I'll look forward to following your progress.

healthyinnyc said...

Hi Tom,
I've run NYC 4 times and heading to Chicago for my first - so we're opposites. :-)

I've been to Chicago marathon 2x as spectator, and it's fun for sure. It'll just be weird not knowing the course like the back of my hand.


Tom said...

As it gets closer I'll prep you on the Chicago course. Since you've been there, I imagine you've watched more from downtown, which is great, but there are some great sites only the marathoners can see. Let me know if I can answer questions. tom@runnerslounge.com