29 August, 2007

Here's to us back-of-the-pack runners!

Here's a little inspiration for all of us back-of-the-pack runners...

I've met Grete Waitz a few times (9-time winner of NYC Marathon), and she said the toughest marathon she ever did was when she ran a 5:32 marathon w/ Fred Lebow, founder of NYC Marathon, when he ran it in '91 or '92 (it was the first time he'd run his own race, and he had brain cancer at the time).

In other words, it ain't easy running for 5+ hours.

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Pastor Karl said...

Great blog! Living in the sticks of Northern Minnesota there aren't many distance runners, so it's fun to hear how someone else's training is going.

I'm a fellow back of the pack runner and I've always wondered how people like Grete Waitz would handle running fort the time it takes people like me to run that distance. During the 3 marathons I've run I've always had the cheery thought at about 2:20 that the winners were already enjoying their post-race snack.

I haven't done much distance running in over a decade, but am training for the Whistlestop Half Marathon in October. The Marathon starts at the same time...and this back of the pack runner hopes to finish the half marathon before the winners of the marathon cross the finish line!