04 August, 2007

My 14 miles are done and dusted. I took my plan seriously today and did slow (although not as slow as it told me - it had me doing 12:28 miles and I'm just not gonna do that ).

So did 14 in 2:43:30. First 5 felt awkward, next 5 felt great, last 4 weren't a lot of fun. Treadmill, by the way. Bored senseless, but let's just go w/ the mental toughness theory.

Now that my miles are getting up there, I'm having a decent amount of discomfort where I have a screw in my tibia from an ACL reconstruction. I think about having it removed every year when it starts bothering me, but the recovery would impact my running season or my ski season, neither of which I'm willing to give up.

I'm all crusty w/ salt right now, so off to get myself cleaned up and then possible mini-golf game in the works...

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