10 August, 2007

What a sunrise!

I'm up early for a flight to NYC to do LTR#1, as always, I wake up hours before my alarm in fear of missing my flight - even for an 8:00 a.m. flight. d'oh!

The benefit to that is I'm witnessing an absolutely gorgeous sunrise right now - some blue sky w/ scattered clouds, but the color starts at the pink of cotton candy and ranges all the way to hot pink and a little orange in there too. :-)

Did 3 easy miles last night. Had some adductor discomfort, but not enough to change my gait, so I went ahead and did it. That brings my running for the week to 5 on Monday, 3 Thursday, a grand total of 8 miles so far.

We'll see how the long run goes tomorrow. I'd like to do 14, a repeat of last weekend's run.

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