28 August, 2007

Ragweed season

It's ragweed season now, heaven help me. This is the one thing I'm allergic to - to the point where I'd scratch my itchy eyes out if it wouldn't blind me. :-) So I took 2 benadryl yesterday morning, and although it took care of my symptoms, it knocked me out completely for the bulk of the afternoon (which I had off from work) and the evening too.

Today, I switched over to Claritin and took only 1 -hopefully that works w/out knocking me out.

I absolutely HAVE TO DO MY LONG RUN today. So I'll be on the treadmill at the gym, 14-16 miles, in air-conditioned comfort where I might actually be able to breath. Darn shame, though, because it's gorgeous out - blue sky, dry crisp air, low 60s right now.

And since I'm doing last weekend's long run on a Tuesday, I'll push this coming weekend's long run to Monday (Labor Day). I think 6 days between long runs should be ok.

I'll stop rambling now...

1 comment:

Tom said...

I'm right there with you with the alergies. Nothing helps except the frost.

Both LRs should be fine with enough recovery.

Keep up your good training and outlook for Chicago.