13 August, 2007

Back to it...

I'm back from a weekend in NYC. Fantastic in every way!

I did the NYRR Long Training Run #1 on Saturday. Saw a ton of my Fred's Team teammates and friends and our coach Jeff; and a few folks I know from the NY Flyers as well.

I was hamming and hawing all last week about what to run on Saturday. Should I do the 11 miles scheduled (a cutback week), or stay around the 14 miles from the previous week? I did the scheduled 11 miles.

I had some sharp pain w/ my adductor around mile 3, but kept going and after a few minutes, it eased up. No change to my gait, so I kept going. The hills kicked my butt as usual. Also had issues getting the Clif Bloks package open and had to come to a full stop to fight w/ it - if I use those during my marathon, I'm putting them into snack-size ziplocs pre-race. Lost my pace group at that point but kept them in sight.

Anyways, walked a good 5-6 miles post-run on Saturday just tooling around town, and walked a good bit yesterday too, so my legs feel pretty good.

Back at it tonight w/ 6 tempo if I'm not mistaken. That's where I got my adductor problem last week, though, so I'll play it by ear and maybe go 6 easy.

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Tom said...

Glad you had a great run in NYC. I'm sure it got you jazzed for Chicago. Stay healthy...