21 August, 2007

5 easy

I have 5 easy on tap for tonight.

Well, actually, I have a choice between the 5 easy truly on my schedule tonight, and the 6 tempo that was on my schedule last night. I took yesterday as SRD since I did my long run on Sunday. Tomorrow is 5 easy, and Thursday is long intervals (7 x 1 mile at 9:53). For that reason (the intervals), I'm leaning toward the 5 easy rather than the 6 tempo.

Also, the long runs on my schedule are following a funky progression. 16 last weekend, and now it's moving me up to 21! That's a huge jump. Then back to 11, then 15, then 23! Uh, no, I don't think so...

So my plan is 14 this coming weekend (drop-back week from the 16), then to 18 next weekend, then drop back to 16, then 20, then start tapering. Holy cow, that means my race isn't far away! I was hoping to do more quality long runs, but w/ my small but frequents pulls/aches/pains, getting to the starting line injury-free is my main goal this year.


Tom said...

Glad you can keep track of all the adjustments to your schedule. That leap to 21 does seem unusual.

You're experienced so you'll make good training decisions.

Hope the aches and pains get lost and start picking on someone else.

ReneeMc said...

Mine has the weird leap to 21 too! It's this week too! (I love acting like it's all coincidence.)
I'm figuring I'll go out and run more than 16. If it gets to 21, wuhu, I can have a little party at the end, and get drunk after a single beer. Dehydration makes you drunk so much faster.