14 September, 2007

What was I saying about an EASY run tonight?

Home from the gym and treadmill.

Did 2 mile warmup at 11:30 then 11:15 miles, then did 5 x .5 mile intervals at 9:53/mile pace and then 1 x .5 mile at 9:15 pace.

I wasn't really planning on intervals tonight, but Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana came on the iPod, and there's just no way to run slow to that. Maybe I should put that on repeat for 26.2 miles? Think that'll work? No iPods allowed in Chicago, so guess we'll never find out. :-)

SRD for me tomorrow, long run of 20 miles on Sunday.

1 comment:

Tom said...

The no Ipods bites.

I don't run with one, but I can appreciate listening for those who train with it regularly.

The rule seems un-enforceable, and I'm guessing thousands will still run with them.

Hope your final LR went well, and enjoy the taper!