24 September, 2007

Are We There Yet?

OK, I am so ready for marathon Sunday to be here.

Not because I have a burning desire to torture myself with 26.2 miles, but because I want to get the f'in' thing over and done with. Yes, my friends, I'm into my "I hate running" mood, the one that ALWAYS precedes my marathon. It's just nerves, but I feel like I have this big thing hanging over my head (which I do LOL), and I just want to hibernate in my house and not think about running because it makes me want to puke if I do. How's that for a visual?

Having said all that, I'm heading out tonight for the 12-miler I blew off yesterday and the day before. That'll be my last distance run before my race, and from here on out, it's just short stuff.

13 days and counting...

1 comment:

L*I*S*A said...

I'm with you...I just want the race to get here already!

Great blog...I clicked on your sig line from RW forum.

Have a great race in Chicago!!