05 September, 2007

just 3 miles this a.m.

A colleague is looking to start exercising regularly, and has asked me to meet her at the gym at work 3 mornings a week. Let me just say, the idea of someone looking to me for motivation is hysterical. I can hardly get myself out the door half the time. :-)

But this will be ok - I've been thinking about moving my midweek runs to the morning, so this will do the trick.

Today, I only had time for 3.1 miles, stretch, cooldown, pushups. The one good thing is that the blood blister I've had since my 18-miler (too deep under a callous to be able to pop it) grew just enough with today's run that I could pop it. ICK, but necessary.

Tomorrow, I'll have to get there right when they open at 6:30 so I can get in my scheduled 6 or 7 miles.

1 comment:

Tom said...

Just checking in on your progress. Sorry to hear about the allergies.

YOur plan to return to running NYC makes sense, but don't give up on having a good experience in Chicago.

Hope you're able to get some training in before you start your taper--and hope you get some relief from allergies and some sleep.

Keep up the good work!