26 November, 2007

I faced the facts

OK, I've faced the facts that Myrtle Beach just is not in the cards for me this spring - unless a frequent flyer plane ticket drops into my hands from the heavens. I need to not get so excited about a race that I forget to take a realistic look at the budget.

So, moving on...

I have 2 options at this point:
1.) run the Vermont City Marathon, my local race, on Memorial Day weekend. I live 5 miles away, can stay at home, no travel costs at all.
2.) stick with half-marathons through winter, spring and summer, and work on my speed and build/maintain a better mileage base until June when it's time to start ramping up the mileage for my fall marathon (NYC).

I'll think about this for a while, but in the meantime, will stick w/ my current schedule of 25-30 mpw including a long run of 12-16 miles.

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