28 November, 2007

sweat is good

I just got home from the gym. Did 6 miles, like this:
mile 1 - 11:19 pace
mile 2 - 11:06
mile 3 - 11:06
mile 4 - 11:06
mile 5 - 10:54
mile 6 - 10:00

The 11:06 pace felt pretty darn good. I'd like to get to where that's my easy pace and use that for my long runs. That'll get me my sub-5:00 marathon.

I'll admit to feeling a huge sense of relief right now that I'm not doing the spring marathon. This gives me a really good amount of time to deal with my speed (or lack thereof) issue. And get the mileage up there too.

Consistency is key.

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