13 November, 2007


Gosh, it's grey and dreary here today! I'm onto my 2nd coffee, and will be looking for my 3rd cup shortly thereafter! :-)

I'm doing 6 miles tonight. That's the 6 miles I should have done last night, had I not been guilted into going over to my Mom's for dinner (she wanted to hear about my brother's wedding). How old do I have to be for the catholic/italian guilt thing to not work on me? Gosh, I hope I don't sound like a total bee-otch?!? I'm happy to spend time w/ Mom, it's just that the marathon training stresses me out, and I hate missing a day.

I've done 4+ crappy marathons and to accomplish a good race, I feel like I need to be sticking to my schedule, but I'm always getting pulled in other directions. And I'm single, no kids to take care of, etc. I don't know how everyone else manages!

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