01 November, 2007

Pot calling kettle black

OK, one of my running forum friends was saying yesterday he hadn't run in a week, was not interested in running, lacking MOJO, etc. He and I joke a lot about being similar runners, and have had similar issues w/ motivation or lack thereof. So, being the smart-ass that I am, I gave him a virtual kick in the pants to get out there and run.

In all reality, I could use that same kick in the pants.

I've been having some slight achilles issues, feeling slight twinges in left adductor again - nothing that would alter my gait, though. And I've been using those twinges as my excuse not to run for the last 4 days.

So I'm giving myself my own kick in the pants today, and will get out for a run if it's the last thing I do. :-)

1 comment:

Deck Ape said...

I'll give you a kick Liz.... :D

As runners we go through times of low motivation. Hang in there.