25 November, 2007


I seem to be lacking in motivation lately. I think it's the usual post-marathon letdown, except I didn't really get my marathon done, given the Chicago fiasco.

I'm signed up for a race in February (the Bi-Lo Myrtle Beach Marathon), but as it turns out, I screwed up my travel for this so badly that I may have to cancel the trip completely. i.e. because it's school vacation time here that weekend, every flight out of BTV is hugely expensive and I can't make any changes to my flight. Still hoping a frequent flyer trip might show up on the airline website, fingers crossed there...

And so I'm looking for another spring race as a back-up.

In the meantime, I have a 15 miler on tap for today (assuming I'm training for Myrtle Beach). If I find another race, I'll alter the training schedule w/ a new goal date, and just keep at the 12-15 mile long run on the weekends until the new schedule catches up with me. Or I'll keep going w/ the Myrtle Beach schedule, and when I get to 16-18 milers or so, will stop there and keep that mileage until the schedule for whichever race I choose catches up with me. Who knows...

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