29 November, 2007

5 easy miles

I'm home from the gym.

Did 5 easy miles at 11:19 pace, although frankly it didn't feel that easy. Last night's 11:06 miles felt a heck of a lot better than tonight's pace. My legs are tired and sore from last night's speedwork.

I think the lesson to take away from this is that I need to be more consistent with my weekday running.

Tomorrow, 6 miles of some sort. :-)

Then SRD on Saturday and 13 on Sunday. That'll give me 30 miles this week! Yay me!


NorthernlightsRon said...

Good job with your training. Try some speedplay on the treadmill. That will help out with the speed. It's on my blog. 15:00 warmup; 20:00 Speedplay:1 lap fast/1 lap easy(for you maybe 10:00 pace/12:00 pace); then a cooldown.

It will cut the boredome and jack up your speed a bit.

Sorry about Chicago.

Raymond said...

Elizabeth, do you have an online log or some means of sending me maybe a month's worth of your training? I'd enjoy reviewing it and see if I can offer any advice to help you out.

I'll sure miss you at MB. I was so excited that you were coming but maybe another time.