08 February, 2008

6 easy with a fast finish

I'm home from the gym. I did 6 miles easy but with a fast finish. So, first 3.5-4 were at 5.3-5.4 mph, worked my way up to 5.6 mph until I hit 5 miles, then for the last mile I bumped the speed up by .1 mph for every .1 mile, and ended up at 6.6 mph by the end of it. Felt fantastic, actually!

All in, 6 miles in 66:18, followed by a good stretch and 200 crunches.

Now for some eggs and toast!

1 comment:

Laura said...

Impressive, especially on the treadmill. I can't do more than two miles or so without getting deathly bored and giving up :)