13 February, 2008

I'm so frickin' sick of winter I could just about scream right now. More freakin' snow, then sleet and freezing rain, then more snow on the way. What else is there to say except grrrrr.

I didn't run last night, no excuses, just didn't feel like it.

I need a vacation somewhere warm and sunny so I can get back into my happy place. :-)

I will run tonight, some yet-to-be-determined distance.

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Laura said...

I hear you. I'm in Boston on business right now, and the combination of blizzard + me working long hours + strange city makes it basically impossible to get in an outdoor long run. So I spent about an hour today looking up races and places to run in warm weather on vacation. I'm thinking about an impromptu trip to either New Orleans or Dallas next weekend to do a half-marathon... we'll see. Good luck beating the cold - it sucks!