22 February, 2008


Got to the gym last night for a short run. Only was able to fit in a 5K before having to cooldown, stretch and head home to get cleaned up for a night out w/ the BF. So, did first mile starting at 5.2 mph working my way up to 5.4 mph, 2nd mile made my way up to 5.7 mph, then finished at 6.2 mph. I think total it was 3.1 miles in 33:10.

then home, clean up, out for Thai food. yummy.

Tonight, I have a haircut, and I'm debating whether to go to chin length (which means no more ponytail but maybe a lot more style), or just a trim and keep it long enough for a pony tail while running.

Then to the gym for 6 or 7 easy miles.

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