29 February, 2008

last night's run

I barely made it to the gym last night - called Mom, said I'd be over for dinner, then as I was approaching the turn-off to the gym, my guilt factor kicked in. Called Mom, said I was going to the gym as originally planned and made the turn to the gym.

Did 5.4 miles in 60:00 - 4.4 miles in the first 50 minutes (progressing from 5.2 mph up to 5.4 mph), then did the last 10 minutes at 6.0 mph. Then a cooldown and stretch.

Then to Mom's for dinner. :-)


Deck Ape said...

Good for you... I haven't run in two weeks. I just can't get motivated when I do have the time. I'm sure I will start again, I just hope I'm 300 pounds before I do. :D

elizabethnyc said...

Mickey, you have plenty on your plate right now, without having to muster up the motivation to go running. It's a nice-to-have right now, and probably is great when you can fit it in, but don't beat yourself up for not getting out there...